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Thank you for choosing to adopt with Beach Dog Rescue! Please fill out an adoption application and be sure to include your favorite dog if there is someone specific you would like to meet!

To see videos and more photos of each dog please go to our instagram @thebeachdogrescue. Each dog has a highlight story on our page! 



Scooby is a around 10 months old. He is a weimaraner mix. He is a big goofball ready to give you so much love! He is affectionate, sweet, super funny! He also enjoys curling up with his on your lap on the couch. He does zoomies, plays with his toys and can entertain himself. He is good with other dogs with the proper intro. He needs someone experienced with the breed and someone who will run, walk and hike with him.



Adopt Zeke! Saved from euthanaisa and waiting for his forever home. Zeke is a very young german shepherd. He loves his pets and will drag your hand over to initate the pets and will also gently pull you over to where he is laying. He is so sweet, cuddly and such an innocent boy. He loves his chew sticks, kong and playing with his toys. He is good with other dogs, loves people and would make and excellent family dog or a very loyal companion to a solo person.


435660613_17921298749888331_8668863561330240700_n (1).jpg

Adopt Billy! Saved from euthanaisa and waiting for his forever home. Billy has a few weeks of training under his belt. He is dog friendly and loves people. Billy is medium energy, potty/crate trained. He is affectionate, loves his walks and going on adventures. Billy is around 2 years old. He is an excellent boy who is a quick learner and a very loyal companion.



Adopt Monte! Monte has been such a little gem since leaving the shelter. He is mellow, super dog friendly, kid friendly and loves everyone he meets. He knows his basic commands and is already potty trained! He lives for belly rubs. He has a great play style and is respectful of other dog's boundaries. He is so easy to love and such a joy to be around. He is going to make someone so happy! He looks like a beautiful little flower 🌸 Monte is around 3 years old, up to date on vaccines, neutered. Has no reaction to cats on the street so might be cat friendly!



Adopt Bonnie! Bonnie was surrendered by her family due to homelessness. She is now being fostered by an amazing dog trainer. Bonnie is a year old, she knows her basic commands and walks great on leash. Bonnie loves other dogs, is playful, very intellegent. She is great with kids. She loves going on hikes, runs and walks. She still acts like a puppy and has all the amazing qualities that a typical german shepherd has!



Sawyer is a one-year-old husky with a love for life, food, and adventure. His hobbies include getting the squeaker out of toys, chewing on chews, going on walks and hikes, playing with other dogs, making friends with humans, and cuddling in bed. Yes, one of those rare cuddly husky lovebugs! & He will come curl up next to you on the couch, lie by your feet, rest his head and sometimes his whole body onto your lap, and gently let you know with his paws or mouth that your job is to give him all the pets. Sawyer would love someone to take him on adventures. He enjoys running around with other dogs, playing fetch and going on hikes!


Stella is a mellow little lady who is good with small + big dogs. She walks great on leash. She is affectionate, sweet and so beautiful. She is a wonderful dog for a husky lover who doesn't want a high energy dog. She is around 4 years old, potty trained, house trained. Weary of new men but warms up pretty quickly! Loves loves women.



Adopt Bowie! Bowie is around 10 months old. He is very dog friendly and would do well with a confident dog in the home. Bowie is quiet, well behaved, and very sweet. Bowie is cat friendly. He is gentle, loves going on walks. He has the sweetest soul and is so innocent. He can be a little timid at first but quickly warms up and becomes your best friend. Bowie is an easy boy! 43lbs, under a year old, up to date on vaccines, soon to be neutered


Adopt Jax! Jax is a german shepherd mix around 2 years old. He is good with other dogs. He takes some time to warm up to new people but then becomes the biggest love bug! He is a foodie and will do anything for a treat. He has lots of tricks up his sleeve and loves to learn. He loves playing with sticks and running around the yard. He likes doing puzzles and other enrichment activities. He is affectionate, loyal, goofy and so funny. He is a wonderful boy!


414733956_329361643357746_9200400405856346693_n (1).jpg

Adopt Skye! Skye is a wonderful husky. She is calm and mellow. She is good with other dogs but prefers to relax with other dogs rather than play a lot. Skye loves kids and all people. She likes to follow you around the house. She loves to flip over on her belly for rubs. She is affectionte, sweet and such a perfect dog for someone who loves huskies but prefers calmer dogs. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, potty trained



Adopt a senior 🩶 Max is an old mellow boy who is ready to live out his golden years in a calm loving home. He loves to sleep, give you kisses & cuddle up next to you. He really enjoys other dogs. He is partially blind and we think fully deaf but that doesn't seem to faze him. He is a happy gentle soul who enjoys walking and sniffing around. He is an easy dog. His blood panel came out perfect and overall he is a healthy boy for being 10!



Adopt Hudson! Hudson is a wonderful companion. He is active, affectionate and listens well. He knows all his commands. He is potty trained/house trained and does not have separation anxiety. He loves playing with his toys, going on hikes, playing in water and lounging around the house. He is friendly with other dogs and people. He is a sweet boy and would love a home with an semi active person!



Adopt Shelby! Shelby is a short compact husky mix. She is only 36lbs and is around 6 years old. She is super mellow and the sweetest little thing. She is great with all dogs big and small. She is great with kids and everyone she meets. She enjoys walks, sun bathing, lounging around the house. She likes going to the beach and parks. She is quiet. gentle and such a easy dog. Great on leash, potty trained, and house trained.



Moose is a highly intelligent dog with a heart of gold. He is eager to please. He loves all humans (big and small). He also loves other dogs and would make an amazing playmate for someone who has another dog. He is eager to learn and loves adventure. He still has puppy energy so he would love a playmate or someone who can exercise with him. He has no separation anxiety! Potty trained, recently neutered, up to date on vaccines.

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