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Adoption Application
Are you approved by landlord to adopt a dog?
If renting, are there any breed restrictons?
Is everyone in your home on board with adopting a dog?
Is anyone in the home allergic to dogs?
Is your dog spayed/neutered?
What is your household activity level?
What behaviors/issues can you tolerate?
Have you had any experience with an emotionally or physically neglected or abused dog?
Have you ever surrendered a pet you own to any animal shelter including a "low" or "no kill" shelter?
Have you ever been convicted of an animal related crime, such as cruelty to animals, animal theft, or animal abandonment?
Are you willing to work through your new pet's issues, if any?
Are you aware that a new environment is stressful for your pet, and they may exhibit uncharacteristic behavior?
Do you understand that a dog can be an 18 year commitment?
Do you plan to take an obedience class with your dog?
Are you aware that a large breed dog takes about two years to mature? Is this something you're prepared for?

Sumitting this application does not mean you are commiting to a dog, nor does it guarantee you will get that dog.  It is simply a tool we use to help both you and us identify a good potential match for your family and lifestyle.

A successful adoption depends on selecting the right dog for your household and a good understanding of the dog's needs and care requirements.  Please help us with this process by answering the following questions fully & completely. 

Adoption fee is $300 which helps offset the medical care and basic needs of our dogs as well as supports our mission to continue saving lives.



We will get back to you within a few days.

Thank you for choosing Beach Dog Rescue!

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