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Frequently Asked Questions

How does fostering work?

First you fill out a foster application. Once your application is approved and we have a good fit for you; one of our team members will reach out to you. We ask for a virtual home-check to ensure our rescue doggies are safe. During the fostering period we can provide food, collar, leash, bed, & crate. We ask our fosters to foster our dog until we find their furever home! The medical costs and supplies are covered by the rescue but must be pre-approved by us. 

How much is the adoption fee and why?

The adoption fee is $350 for adult dogs and $450 for puppies. This is seen as a donation to Beach Dog Rescue. We charge this amount to help offset spay/neutering, vaccinations, medical bills, the costs of care for our dog while they were with their foster. It also helps us run our rescue so we are able to continue saving lives. 

How long is the fostering period?

We ask our wonderful fosters to foster until our dog is adopted. This is extremely important for the mental health of our dogs so they have consistency in their lives. There is no way to foresee when the dog will be adopted but typically around 3 months. 

Can I adopt my foster dog if I fall in love?

Absolutely! We love when fosters decide to adopt but you will still need to go through our adoption process.

If I am fostering a dog and can suddenly no longer foster what happens next?

We ask for a generous amount of time to find a new foster as it is so difficult to find fosters right now. We strive to keep our dogs out of boarding for the health and well-being of our dogs. Please be patient with us and know we are working around the clock to ensure your happiness as well as our precious pups!

Can I take my foster dog to a Dog Park or Dog Beach?

No dog parks or dog beaches and your foster dog has to be on leash with a harness at all times while on walks to ensure the safety of our dogs and other people's dogs.

What do I expect in my foster dog?

When your foster dog comes home, please be aware that it takes around 3 days to decompress. 3 weeks to adjust to your home, routine, and to feel comfortable. 3 months for them to show their true personality and feel safe- this is known as the 3-3-3 rule.

Some dogs will have separation anxiety. Some will need help with learning basic commands, potty training, learning to not pull on leash. Some might be dog reactive. Please be aware of these issues and know that it gets better and you play the most important roll! Please be open to training them and setting them up for success. Remember, you are not just fostering to give them a place to sleep, you are their safe space, their teacher. Of course, we are here every step up the way and will help with training tips and if needed the dog can also go to training as well as a trainer helping you! Every dog has lived a different life- some are super easy some need work! 

Fostering is a selfless, rewarding, incredible act. We cannot save lives without you! We work together as a team to fight against the high euthanasia rates and together we can create change. 

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